When the linkage with Killin and Adeonaig was established in 1996/7, it was decided that Balquhidder should pay 45% of the joint expenses and Killin 55%. This appears to be sustainable by us at present because of the support received from friends and visitors. The main source of income from the open plate and regular giving by members is now largely gift aided which is a great help.

The Minister’s travel costs are high of course, given the amount of driving involved between the two parishes and further afield on Church business. These expenses are dealt with by the two parishes separately and are paid directly to the Church of Scotland.

Balquhidder has been fortunate in having good reserves of savings for the major fabric repairs and improvements made over the past 17 years. The attractive Friendship Room at the back of the church is very useful and the ramp to provide wheelchair access was a major improvement. The fight against damp in the church, which has been on-going since it was built has seen some success in recent years, but evidence of damp remains.

The Clan MacLaren Society of North America as well as the Edinburgh based Clan MacLaren Society support the Church financially by contributing towards our running costs. We have also been helped over many years by the Clan Gregor Society who donate the collection at their annual service to the Church Fabric Fund. We do not forget Rob Roy whose popularity seems undiminished and the proximity of a collection box near his grave has for many years helped the Church!