In early 2020 the Kirk Session adopted a strategy for the future entitled Forward in Faith. The title draws on a sermon Russel delivered in which he talked of the Christian life as a journey of faith.

For a good number of years the Session and others had been considering how the church can best serve its members and community in the years to come, recognising we draw on a heritage of faith in Killin and surrounding area and seek to continue that heritage for future generations.

Forward in Faith is our prayerfully considered response. The feasibility study contains aspirations for the future. Not everything in it will come to fruition – permissions may not be granted, other ideas will need to be considered – but the main thrust of the feasibility study is where the Minister and Kirk Session plan to lead the church.

Next steps

To share these aspirations and have dialogue with the congregation.

To raise funds in order for the architects to move to the next stage of drawing up detailed plans and proceeding to planning permission.

A journey of faith

All of this is nothing if it is not going Forward in Faith and will be nothing unless it is rooted in prayer. Please pray about it and especially for the next steps.